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Komplett ljudanläggning för hemmabio med 5.1 kanaler och Blu-ray-spelare, Bluetooth och Apple AirPlay.

Harman Kardon® BDS 877 är ett komplett paket som innehåller allt du behöver – en hemmabioanläggning med 5.1 kanaler som sömlöst integreras med din platt-TV och som förbättrar underhållningsupplevelsen i hemmet. I anläggningen ingår en flexibel 3D Blu-ray Disc™-spelare, Bluetooth och Apple AirPlay med tre HDMI®-ingångar och en -utgång och åtkomst till online-strömningstjänster.

Fyra kraftfulla klangmatchade satelliter, en centerhögtalare med dubbla platta mellanregisterelement och en subwoofer på 200 watt erbjuder en hänförande 360-graders ljudbild. Anläggningen har Dolby® Digital- och DTS®-ljudavkodning och återger filmer och musik från online-källor, iPod och andra mobila enheter från Apple och praktiskt taget alla andra källor.

Enhet: System
Ordernummer: BDS 877/230-B2


My new Harman Kardon BDS system contained a Sub200, but my owner's manual shows a Sub210. Have I received the wrong product?
Harman Kardon BDS systems can contain an HKTS 200 subwoofer rather than the HKTS 210 subwoofer that is mentioned in the documentation and manual. Both subwoofers have the same performance. The difference in product type number is due to the fact that these subwoofers are built in two different factories. When used in a Harman Kardon BDS system, there is no performance difference.
Wake-up function with iPhone 4S and iOS 6 starts at full volume.
If you turn off “Lock Sounds” and “Keyboard Clicks” on your iPhone, this issue will disappear.
The cooling fan on the back panel rotates from the moment I switch the BDS on, and it keeps running after I put the unit into Standby.
Be aware that the BDS X75 and X77 have two power modes. By pressing the power button briefly, the unit goes into sleep mode, and the fan keeps cooling the unit. Holding down the power button for a couple of seconds puts the BDS into standby, and the fan stops.
If I keep the ON/Standby Button pressed down for some seconds, on the remote control or on the BDS itself, it goes into what seems to be a stage between OFF and Standby. This is not mentioned in the owner's manual.
This is correct. You can put the BDS x75 and x77 into Standby Mode by pressing and holding the ON/OFF Button, and this is not mentioned in the owner's manual. This stops the cooling fan, among other things.
I would like to add wireless loudspeakers to my BDS system. Can I use your WEM-1 wireless transmitter for this purpose?
Yes, this is possible. The speaker outputs of the BDS channels that you want to transmit wirelessly must be connected to the two speaker inputs of the WEM-1 transmitter. Furthermore, it is important to add one RCA Phono/Cinch cable between a free input jack on the BDS and one of the low-level inputs of the transmitter. This is done to establish a ground connection, avoiding hum.
In the speaker setup menu, I can select HKTS 60, but my speaker system is HKTS 65. What do I do?
The HKTS 65 is a new version of the HKTS 60, with minor improvements. Please select HKTS 60 in the menu.
I want to listen to stereo music through all five loudspeakers of my BDS system, but I cannot see if it is possible.
This function is not available on the BDS units. So-called five-channel stereo is a feature which is available in Harman Kardon AVR surround receivers, but it has not been included in the BDS platform.
I cannot get the Audio Return Channel to work with my BDS system.
It is important to use the correct HDMI connection on the BDS, marked with ARC. Also, the proper input must be selected with the AUX input selector button, which scrolls between the six AUX inputs. It always selects the AUX input that you used last, so once you have used the AUX ARC input, the BDS unit remembers it until you select another AUX input. Of course you have to have a TV which actually supports ARC.
Sometimes, if I remove the USB stick while playing from it, the BDS freezes.
Never remove a USB stick while the BDS is playing files from it. If the system freezes, switch the BDS unit OFF and then ON with the switch on the back panel to reset.
How long does the BDS remember preset radio stations?
The memory is based on flash memory, and is not forgotten.
I have problems updating my BDS unit with the latest software version. What can I do?
If you have updated the unit from a USB stick, performed a reset procedure and removed power from the unit completely for at least 10 seconds, and the BDS still does not work, please repeat the update process. You may want to re-download the update file as well. This should solve the issue, and we are sorry for this inconvenience.
How many files does my new BDS -75 or -77 support via DLNA?
The BDS -75 and -77 models support 2000 files and 10 folder levels on DLNA.
I have many files on my DLNA server, but my BDS -75 or -77 only shows 105 files.
The first 105 files are registered right away. If you know that you have more files in the DLNA system, wait for close to a minute, while the BDS -75 / -77 registers the additional files. After a short while, it will begin counting until all files are registered, or until the maximum of 2000 files is reached.
I want to have two wireless subwoofers in the same room. How should I use them, with one or two transmitters.
It is possible to use two transmitters, one for each subwoofer, but only if the transmitters are more than 10 meters away from each other, which is not practical. However, two identical woofers can be driven by the same transmitter, with the same channel set on all three components.
Is tobacco smoke harmful for my sound system?
Yes, very much so! Massive exposure to tobacco smoke leaves a yellow, sticky layer of tar on all surfaces. The most vulnerable components in an audio-visual system are Blu-ray, DVD or CD players. They read discs with laser beams, and the laser pick-up cannot work if a layer of tar builds up on the lens. Similarly, contacts and mechanical potentiometers on amplifiers and other components may become noisy or defective. Please note that the warranty does not cover tobacco-smoke related problems. You must pay for any repair or cleaning of tobacco-smoke caused defects.
I have downloaded the remote app for my BDS, but I still cannot control the BDS with my smartphone. What is wrong?
Please make sure that your BDS is connected by wire to the home network router also used by your smartphone.
I cannot find the Harman Music Manager that my owner's manual says is available for MAC or PC.
Harman has decided to move the HMM functions over to the Harman Kardon Remote App. If this is not a solution that works for you, please use one of the many free media players available on the internet
The subwoofer in my BDS system switches off when I play softly. Can I prevent this from happening?
The subwoofer in my BDS system switches off when I play softly. Can I prevent this from happening? Yes, by using the manual setup procedure it is possible to increase the signal volume level to the subwoofer, while reducing the level on the subwoofer itself. The reason it switches off is that the standby sensing circuit cannot sense music when the level is very low. By increasing the volume to the subwoofer and reducing its output on the sub itself, the signal sensing circuit has a better chance of recognizing an incoming signal, preventing the sub from switching off.
I cannot get the remote app to work. Is there any advice you can give?
Please update to the latest version of the remote app, if you have not already done so. If this does not remove the problem, please check if NAS drives or other peripherals are conflicting with the remote app. Disconnect such peripherals one at a time to check if any one of them interferes with the operation of the remote app. In some cases, wired internet connection to the receiver prevents the remote app from working correctly. If this is the case, establishing a wireless connection usually solves the problem. In the BDS 280 and 580, as well as many other models, wireless connection is a standard feature. With earlier BDS versions, it will be necessary to purchase a separate wireless system from another provider.


Audio Section
Kontinuerlig genomsnittseffekt, stereomodell65 watts per channel, 20Hz – 20kHz, @ <1.0% THD, both channels driven into 6 ohms
Multichannel power (BDS 575/BDS 577 only)65 watts per channel, 20Hz – 20kHz, @ <1.0% THD, into 6 ohms
Ingångskänslighet/impedans250mV/46k ohms
Signal/brus-förhållande (IHF-A)-90dB
Frequency response @ 1W (±0.5dB)20Hz – 20kHz
FM Tuner Section
Frekvensintervall87.5MHz – 108.0MHz (US and EU) KHz
Användbar känslighet (IHF)>14dBf
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Mono/Stereo)-60dB/-55dB
Distortion (Mono/Stereo)0.3%/0.5%
Stereoseparation–45dB @ 1kHz
Image Rejection-70dB
IF Rejection-80dB
Disc Player Section
Kompatibla skivformat5-inch (12cm) or 3-inch (8cm) BD-Video (single-layer or double-layer), DVD-Video, DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, CDDA (CD digital audio), CD-R/RW discs
LjudformatDolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS Digital, PCM, MP3: 32kbps – 320kbps bitrates, including variable-bitrate encoding
StillbildsformatJPEG, GIF and PNG
VideosignalsystemNTSC (USA) or PAL (EU)
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz, ±0.5dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio–90dB (A-weighted)
Dynamikomfång90dB (16-bit)
THD vid 1 kHz (DVD/CD)0.1%
Svaj och fladderBelow measurable limits
Frekvensintervall2402MHz ~ 2480MHz
Transmitter power<20dBm (ERIP)
ModuleringGFSK/ π /4-DQPSK/8-DPSK
FunctionsStreaming audio play, supports Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.4, AAC
Video Section
TV-formatNTSC or PAL (selectable)
HDMI-versionwith 3D and 30/36-bit Deep Color
Power Requirement100 – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
Power consumption120W maximum (BDS 575/BDS 577), 90W maximum (BDS 275/BDS 277); <0.5W standby
Dimensions (H x W x D)3-1/8" x 15-3/4" x 11-1/4" (400mm x 80mm x 285mm)
WeightBDS 275 – 7.7 lb (3.5kg); BDS 277/BDS 575/BDS 577 – 7.9 lb (3.6kg)
General Specifications
Power Requirement110V – 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz

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